Discover proven innovation and sustainable performance with the full line of Eco Ultra products, equipment, business services and expert technical support. If you have a specific question, or area of interest, the Eco Ultra team at PetroChoice, Inc. is ready to help.

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Eco Ultra Installer Equipment & Services Eco Ultra Installer Equipment & Services

Installer Equipment and Services

As one of the largest distributors of lubrication products PetroChoice is also a leading source of lubrication equipment and services. Matching the right equipment for the job is as vital as matching the correct lubricant or oil for the application. For Eco Ultra® installers, this means access to equipment and business support services to fit your specific needs.

To learn more about our equipment programs and services, please reach out to your local PetroChoice representative or call 888-575-1226.


The PetroChoice Difference

Installers, fleet and equipment managers and business owners can call on PetroChoice automotive service experts to assess equipment and service needs, applying expert industry experience and knowledge to business operations.

Productivity – The automotive and fleet industry is changing rapidly and equipment for automotive service centers must keep pace. Choosing the right equipment for the job increases efficiency to grow productivity and profits.

Safety — Eco Ultra installers receive the highest commitment to safety and equipment operations. PetroChoice insists on adherence to the industry’s latest safety and regulatory standards.

Professionalism — Customers are quick to notice service center efficiencies and operational standards and equate levels of professionalism with mechanical and maintenance capabilities. Raising the standard of automotive equipment and services communicates dedication to individual vehicles and service jobs.

Convenience — PetroChoice distribution centers and service partners are located across the U.S. to provide timely on-site services and fast shipping or delivery of equipment.


Eco Ultra Installer Support Program

The Eco Ultra Installer Support Program goes beyond inventory management. PetroChoice experts work to understand and meet your business needs, with consultants available to customize solutions for your business, ensure equipment stays operational and help you achieve your goals.