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Eco Ultra Success Stories Eco Ultra Success Stories

Eco Ultra Sustainable Motor Oils Support Business Growth

Choosing the Eco Ultra® line of products puts value and innovation to work for your business. Benefit from the advice of experts in service center and quick lube operations, and enjoy greater business autonomy and flexibility.


Proven Protection for Passenger Car Fleets

Eco Ultra Synthetic Blend Motor Oil Delivers Exceptional Results in 150,000-mile Taxi Test

THE TEST: In Las Vegas, Nevada, Eco Ultra Synthetic Blend 5W-30 Motor Oil, formulated with re-refined Group II+ base oil, competed one-on-one with a popular premium passenger motor oil, formulated from virgin base oil, in a grueling 150,000-mile taxi cab field test.

Two, 2009 Chevrolet Impalas with 3.5 liter new V-6 General Motors engines carried passengers up and down the Vegas strip in what the industry considers severe service:  relentless waves of summer heat, bitter winter lows, constant stop-and-go traffic, frequent idling and at average speeds of less than 20 mph.

Oil was drained every 7,500 and 10,000 miles (up to three times longer than manufacturer recommendations), and intermediate oil samples were collected at the first 5,000 and 7,000 mile marks.

THE DISASSEMBLY: After 150,000 miles, taxi cab company employees removed and disassembled the engines, taking photographs of each individual part as they were laid out for inspection and evaluation.

An immediate part-by-part inspection and evaluation was conducted on each engine element to record sludge and varnish ratings. Parts were wrapped and shipped to an independent lab to test and finalize the actual ratings.

THE RESULTS:  Independent testing showed Eco Ultra delivered proven engine protection with the level of lubrication needed for sustained fuel economy. Specifically, the Eco Ultra test results showed:

  • Exceptional Engine Protection – Eco Ultra delivered exceptional engine protection and performance under the most punishing conditions.
  • Superior Oxidation Control – Eco Ultra provided superior oxidation control as compared with the premium competitive oil.
  • Sustained Fuel Economy – Even through constant stop-and-go traffic and frequent idling, Eco Ultra delivered sufficient lubrication for sustained fuel economy.
  • Proven Wear Protection – When the wear metals were analyzed, it was clear that Eco Ultra demonstrated exceptional wear protection well below industry-accepted limits.

In addition to exceptional performance in field tests, Eco Ultra is the preferred choice for daily operations in a variety of applications.

  • Eco Ultra supports sustainable fleet performance for one of the world’s largest rental car companies.
  • Eco Ultra products are preferred by government entities such as NASA and the U.S. military, with formulations trusted for some of the harshest environments around the world.
  • Commercial leaders choose to make a difference with Eco Ultra formulations, including the world's largest first-tier aerostructures manufacturer, Spirit AeroSystems, and major U.S. airline, American Airlines.
  • Some of the nation’s largest installers, such as Valvoline®, Brakes Plus® and FullSpeed Automotive™ (formerly Grease Monkey), among others, offer Eco Ultra as the choice their customers rely on to sustain their engines, and the environment.

Eco Ultra offers proven innovation without compromising performance, driving progress with every mile

“We’ve been using Eco Ultra re-refined oil for several years. Drain intervals are beyond what they were before. We’re saving about 24 barrels of crude per oil change. And re-refining requires less energy. Eco Ultra delivers performance and quality at the same cost. Eco Ultra performs just as well — or better — than regular engine oil. It meets all industry standards and it’s the right thing to do.”
– Ed Boes, D&D Sexton, Inc.