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Why Eco Ultra - Our Process Why Eco Ultra - Our Process

Eco Ultra: Quality, Sustainability and Versatility

Eco Ultra® products are made using a closed-loop process.

PetroChoice partners with a third-party re-refining operation that collects and processes used oil to produce a high-quality Group II base oil. At our blending and manufacturing facility, we formulate this re-refined oil with superior additives, producing the premium products PetroChoice is known for and meeting or exceeding industry standards and OEM requirements. These products perform in a wide range of finished lubricants for passenger car, heavy duty and industrial applications.

Used oil never wears out – only the additives wear out. The base oil properties remain intact. Used oil, drained during an oil change from automobiles, heavy-duty engines, rail road engines and industrial equipment, is collected and transferred to a re-refinery.

The re-refinery, using an advanced proprietary process, processes the used oil to remove all contaminants, assuring thermos stability and desired viscosity. This process produces a high-quality Group II+ base lube stock.

The re-refined base oils are blended with superior additives to produce the Eco Ultra line of lubricants. Eco Ultra oils are blended to meet all current industry standards and OEM requirements.

Eco Ultra, created from a closed loop process, allows PetroChoice to offer customers a sustainable product line of high-performance lubricants. Customers have the unique opportunity to use high-quality finished products that are derived from re-refined base stocks, helping to positively impact the environment, reducing depletion of natural resources and limiting waste material.

Choosing Eco Ultra supports sustainability and lessens reliance on natural resources.

  • Choosing a re-refined motor oil saves up to 89% of the energy required to refine crude oil.
  • Eco Ultra’s sustainable formulation creates up to 65% less emissions than refining from crude.
  • The average four-quart Eco Ultra oil change reduces the need for new natural resources by two barrels of crude oil.

Every oil change can make a difference.

The United States produces approximately 1.3 billion gallons of used oil each year, and only about 20% of it is re-refined. This used oil isn’t worn out – while additives are depleted through use, the base oil properties remain intact. High-quality re-refined products such as Eco Ultra offer a sustainable solution that’s proven to perform. Petro Choice offers products that make it easy to positively impact the environment, limit depletion of natural resources, and reduce waste with every Eco Ultra oil change.

“We live in a society where we see more and more people concerned about the environment and wanting to be eco-friendly. We recycle glass, aluminum, plastic and paper and use cloth bags at the grocery store. We drink water and coffee out of reusable containers. Eco Ultra offers consumers another opportunity to be environmentally friendly without compromising quality.” 
– Cathy Smith, Director of Strategic Accounts, PetroChoice